Datchet river front 5th January 2003, the road to the left is a couple of feet above the ground level in the centre of Datchet. The benches are completely submerged. A chap who has lived on the river front at Datchet for 50 years said he had only once seen the river as high. The Environment Agency has previously stated that the Maidenhead, Windsor & Eton flood relief channel (now the "Jubilee River") would not have an adverse affect on Datchet.


Creeping into Datchet streets.

Pococks lane (the road from Datchet to Eton)

The Myrke ditch breaches it's banks. Excerpt taken from an NRA January 1991 document;
"A pumping station will be provided on the stream just upstream of the viaduct. This will permit
the Myrke water levels to be held within banks even with high water levels at the outfall to the River Thames"

Has the above caused this flooding?

View from a footbridge over the flood relief channel looking towards the Pococks lane road bridge.

And the other way towards the railway bridge and the Thames
(Datchet golf course is to the left after this bridge.)

A stranded 4x4.

Flooded school in Eton Road.

This is the golf course!

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